Autel MaxiIM IM608 Professional Key Programming Tool Newest with IMMO XP400 Key Programmer

Autel MaxiIM IM608 Professional Key Programming Tool  Newest with IMMO XP400 Key Programmer
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Autel presents the MaxiIM IM608 as the most advanced, and the smartest key programming tool, which combines the most powerful IMMO diagnostic functions, with OE-level diagnostics and advanced service functions in one android-based 10.1” tablet. Bullet Points: ALL-ROUND IMMO FUNCTIONS: Autel MaxiIM IM608 is a versatile Key Programming Diagnostic Tool...

Autel presents the MaxiIM IM608 as the most advanced, and the smartest key programming tool, which combines the most powerful IMMO diagnostic functions, with OE-level diagnostics and advanced service functions in one android-based 10.1” tablet.

Bullet Points:

  • ALL-ROUND IMMO FUNCTIONS: Autel MaxiIM IM608 is a versatile Key Programming Diagnostic Tool with the core of comprehensive IMMO Services. You can read PIN/CS (all key lost), perform Key Learning, Remote Control Learning, Remote Control Add, etc. via Smart Mode (for guided and automated key learning ) or Expert Mode (for advanced key learning).
  • OE-LEVEL CAR KEY PROGRAMMING: Integrated Car Key Programmer XP400 is to read transponder data (especially Benz infrared smart key), clone and generate exclusive keys, read/write on-board EEPROM data, etc. Included J2534 ECU Reprogrammer is for PC communication and ECU reprogramming capability. They work in combination with the IM608 to get the key programming work done in high efficiency and convenience.
  • 23 SPECIAL SERVICE FUNCTIONS: 23 commonly-used service functions (Oil Reset, EPB/BMS/SAS/DPF, etc.) helps quickly access to the vehicle systems for scheduled service and maintenance. Oil reset is to get the oil life reminder reset every time the oil is changed; EPB service is significant for deactivating and activating the brake control system, assisting with brake fluid control.
  • VEHICLE ECU CODING: It’s not a difficult task to modify preprogrammed software to improve vehicle performance anymore. While performing the works like remembering settings for Start/Stop systems, activating cornering headlights with fog lights, enabling multiple functions of the comfort module, Autel IM608, featuring ECU coding, can ensure the tested car is safe on the road.
  • 12-MONTH UPDATE & WARRANTY: You get a worry-free purchase. Within 12 months after purchase, you can easily get the newest version of the Autel IM608 for free via Auto update; material or workmanship defectives can be guaranteed without additional charges. IM608-related questions raised in Q&A, email or hotlines will be replied in a satisfactory manner at any time. Note: English is the default language, if needed, feel free to offer us the serial number to add required languages.

Autel Key Programming Tools Comparison Chart: Autel MaxiIM IM608 vs Autel MaxiIM IM508
Let's look at the features and functionalities of this Key Programming Diagnostic Tool


Autel MaxiIM IM508

Autel MaxiIM IM608





Smart Mode (Guided and Automated Key Learning Function)

Expert Mode (Advanced key Learning)

Read PIN/CS (All Keys Lost)

Key Generation

Key Learning

IMMO ECU Reset/Adaption

IMMO ECU Refresh/Coding

Remote Learning

Backup /Restore IMMO Data

Benz 3rd Generation IMMO Add key, all key lost, key Learning


BMW FEM/BDC Key Learning and ECU adaptation

BMW CAS4/3/2 key learning

CAS4 available when connected to XP400

VW /Audi MQB (VDO & JCI) add key, IMMO V A4/A5/Q5 2015+ Key learning


VW /Audi /Skoda / Seat IMMO III /IV /V add key, all key lost


Key read /write

EEPROM Read/Write

MCU Read/Write



ECU Read/Write

When connected to XP400

MC9S12 Encryption Chip read/write

When connected to XP400

IC Card Read/Write

When connected to XP400

Mercedes Infrared Key Read/Write

When connected to XP400

Remote Frequency Detect

When connected to XP400

Support PC

When connected to XP400

                                                 OE-Level Diagnostics

All Systems for Over 80 Makes and Models


AutoVIN /Auto scan

Read /Erase codes

View, record, playback live data

View Freeze Frame data

Shop and data Manager applications

MaxiFlash JVCI ECU Reprogrammer (Bluetooth /USB cable)


OtoFlash (J2534 ECU Reprogrammer)


                                                Advanced Service Functions

Oil Serive Reset

Parking Brake Pad Relearn After Replacement

Steering Angle Sensor Relearn

Battery Registration and Reset

Diesel Particulate Filter Regeneration

Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor ID Relearn

ECU Coding


Complete Service Functions


                                                       Tool Features

Built-in Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

5000 mAh

15000 mAh

Internet Updatable



Multilingual Support

One Year Warranty

Free Online Update Two Years





32 GB

64 GB


Cortex-A9 processor

Cortex A7+A15 six-core processor



8.0 Megapixel




More Functions

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Checking Compatibility

Top Reasons to Choose The MaxiIM IM608

IM608 has the widest cover range for known vehicle makes and models, supports over 10 manufacture key matching, especially VW, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Chrysler etc. It is really powerful and easy to use, help me solve many difficult issues.

  • 1. Unique Smart Mode, recognizes vehicle’s IMMO info automatically, matching IMMO process, detailed help people without basic knowledge can finish key learning.
  • 2. Comprehensive combination of advanced key programming/all systems diagnostics/advanced maintenance services
  • 3. Professional key programming along with XP400 key programmer and MaxiFlash ECU programmer for IMMO coverage
  • 4. Smart mode for guided and automated key learning
  • 5. Expert mode for advanced key learning
  • 6. IMMO ECU reset/adaptation, refresh/coding
  • 7. Read PIN/CS (all key lost), generate the key, key learning, remote learning
  • 8. Powerful OE level diagnostics for more than 80 US, Asian and European makes and models
  • 9. Read/write transponder data, ECU/MCU/EEPROM data (eg. 9S12 encryption chip), IC card, detect remote frequency
  • 10. Complete abilities for error codes, live data, active test, ECU information, adaptation, matching, coding, etc.
  • 11. All over 30 special functions such as EPB, DPF, SAS, Oil reset, BMS, TPMS sensor ID relearn, etc.

 Autel MaxiIM IM608 Package List:

  • 1x Autel MaxiIM IM608 Main Unit
  • 1x APC101 USB Cable
  • 1x APA101 Signal Cable
  • 1x MaxiFlash JVCI
  • 1x APB101+ APD101 (EEPROM Adaptor + EEPROM Adapter Shell)
  • 1x APA103 (EEPROM Clamp)
  • 1x XP400
  • 1x APB102 MB IR Cable
  • 1x APA104 ECU Clamp
  • 1x Main Cable
  • 1x APB104 (MCU_FQFP64)
  • 1x APA105 (MCU Clamp)
  • 1x USB Cable (2m)
  • 1x APB105 MCU_FQFP80
  • 1x APA106 (MC9S12 Clamp)
  • 1x Mini USB Cable
  • 1x APB106 (MCU_FQFP144)
  • 1x APA107 (Connect Cable)
  • 1x AC/DC 12V Adapter
  • 1x APB107 (MCU_FQFP144)
  • 1x Quick Reference Guide
  • 2x Light Fuse 6*30mm
  • 1x APB108 (MCU_FQFP176)
  • 1x Packing List
  • 1x Cigarette Lighter
  • 1x APA002 (EEPROM Socket)
  • 1x Carrying Case 634*170*404mm
  • 1x AAC001

[Worry-free Purchase]: 1) 2021 Autel original automotive scanner; 2) 30-days return & replacement policy, 1-year warranty, 1-year free online update and 24/7 after-sales service; 3) 13 language supported, provide us car serial number to change language; 4) Same after-sales service with offline retail stores; 5) Any issues, message us.

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